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From brand building to launching it internationally.

Lubricating the future: Power, Performance & Protection. 

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The Challenge

"We are tight with time; our products have started production in Thailand. We need to get the brand, packaging, websites, advertisement shoot, and product photography ready and launch it within six months." - The opening statement of the first meeting. 


In a race against time, Jiangsu Lopal Tech faced the daunting task of launching a new product line in six months. This included branding, packaging, website development, advertisement shoots, and product photography – all while starting production in Thailand.

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Jiangsu Lopal Tech, a leading global energy solutions provider from China, began as a manufacturer and marketer of automotive and industrial lubricants. Over time, the company has become a significant player in Green Energy and Green Chemical solutions. Marking its growth, Lopal Tech was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2017.


The Overseas Expansion

2018 marked a significant stride in the company's journey – venturing into overseas markets and establishing its headquarters in Singapore. This move was not just a geographic expansion; it involved developing new products and penetrating new markets, all within a stringent timeline. Faced with this monumental task, Lopal Tech enlisted TDI's expertise to spearhead the international brand and product launch campaign.

Collaborative Brand Building

TDI's journey with Lopal Tech blended creativity and strategic acumen. Over six months, TDI's team worked closely with global stakeholders to build an international brand. The process began with an intensive brainstorming session, creating a powerful tagline – 'Power, Protection & Performance'. This encapsulated the essence of Lopal Tech's automotive performance lubricant and set the tone for the entire branding strategy.

Strategic Execution

TDI's approach wasn't just about crafting a tagline. It was about orchestrating a symphony of strategic and sustainable initiatives. With stakeholders from various countries collaborating, TDI managed to synchronise diverse components of the brand. This strategic direction enabled efficient and seamless project execution, ensuring that every aspect of the branding process, from conceptualisation to market launch, resonated with the tagline's promise.

Strategic Symphony: Orchestrating Trisonic's Global Debut

As the launch of Trisonic, Lopal Tech's inaugural overseas lubricant brand, approached, TDI's comprehensive efforts were in full swing. Trisonic, a brand conceived and developed in Singapore, represented a significant milestone in Lopal Tech's global expansion. TDI's strategy involved assembling multidisciplinary teams, each tasked with specific elements crucial to the brand's successful launch.


TDI's brand activation campaigns were meticulously planned and executed in the lead-up to the launch. These ranged from internal initiatives to wide-reaching outdoor activities, all crafted to capture the essence of Trisonic. A notable aspect of these campaigns was the engagement with automotive industry enthusiasts. These individuals tested the products and played a pivotal role in the marketing campaigns, adding authenticity and passion to the brand's story.

The product design team dedicated weeks to ensuring that Trisonic's packaging would visually set it apart in a competitive market. The design was not just about aesthetic appeal; it was a strategic move to capture attention, showcase its technical expertise and convey the brand's core values.


Simultaneously, a team of developers worked tirelessly to create an e-commerce website. This platform was not just a digital storefront but a critical touchpoint for brand interaction and product showcase, ready to be launched simultaneously with Trisonic.


In post-production, another team was focused on refining branding and advertising videos. These were not merely promotional materials but were crafted to premiere at the launch event, designed to make a lasting impression on its partners and investors as well as set the tone for Trisonic's market entry.


Every element of TDI's strategic campaign for Trisonic was interconnected, working cohesively to ensure a launch that was not only smooth but also impactful. This comprehensive approach underscored TDI's commitment to excellence and attention to detail, which were pivotal in positioning Trisonic as a formidable player in the global lubricant market.

The Launch

The highly anticipated launch by the automotive lubricant industry happened in Bangkok, Thailand, where their manufacturing plant is located. It is Asia's most well-developed petrochemical manufacturing capabilities, producing one of the world's finest petrochemical products.


The launch, witnessed by over a hundred automotive media companies, signifies the commencement of Trisonic's lubricant journey in Southeast Asia, with its headquarters strategically situated in Singapore.


Trisonic is set on the road to success with full support from its parent company, Lopal Tech., a Chinese-listed company with an average annual revenue turnover of 2.5 billion USD. Since launch, they have established themselves in markets such as Singapore, China, Thailand, and Taiwan.

Accelerating into the Future: Trisonic's Dynamic Market Entry

The launch of Trisonic in Bangkok, Thailand, marked a milestone in the automotive lubricant industry. Held at the heart of Asia's petrochemical prowess, the event symbolised a new era in high-quality lubricant production. Bangkok's advanced petrochemical manufacturing capabilities, known for producing some of the world's finest products, was the perfect backdrop for this significant debut.


This grand launch, attended by over a hundred automotive media outlets, showcased Trisonic's innovative lubricant solutions and heralded its entry into the competitive Southeast Asian market. With its strategic headquarters in Singapore, Trisonic is poised to become a significant regional player, leveraging the city-state's advantageous position as a commercial and logistics hub.


Backed by the formidable strength of its parent company, Lopal Tech, a powerhouse in the industry with an impressive annual revenue of USD 2.5 billion, Trisonic's launch was more than an introduction – it was a declaration of its commitment to excellence and innovation. Since its inception, Trisonic has swiftly made its mark in key markets, including Singapore, China, Thailand, and Taiwan.


Further cementing its brand ethos of 'Power, Performance, Protection,' Trisonic has ventured into sports marketing, sponsoring race teams in prestigious events like the GT World Challenges and various Asian races. This strategic move enhances brand visibility and aligns perfectly with its brand identity, resonating with its target audience's passion for automotive excellence.

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