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The journey to becoming a bestseller - Falken ZIEX ZE310

Reaching out to customers through an omnichannel strategy.  

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The Challenge

Falken Tyres, a renowned subsidiary of Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd., has made a name for itself in the world of motorsports, notably through its sponsorship of events like Formula Drift. Known among car enthusiasts for its high-performance T-Drift tyres, Falken, however, faced a perception challenge in the consumer market. Traditionally seen as a provider of budget tyres with moderate performance, the brand was at a pivotal juncture with the launch of its new ZE310 EcoRun tyres. These tyres were not just fuel-friendly; they promised enhanced performance.


As Stamford Tyres, the official distributor of Falken Tyres, tasked us with this challenge, we embarked on a thorough testing phase to position and market this innovative product to consumers accurately. It was crucial to verify its claims and understand the best strategies to elevate Falken's brand perception. 

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Understanding & testing the tyres

The world of tyres is a specialised domain that requires more than surface-level knowledge for effective marketing and rebranding efforts. A marketer, salesperson, or agency lacking an in-depth understanding of tyre technology and industry nuances would face significant challenges in effectively reaching consumers or repositioning a tyre brand. Our approach was holistic to truly grasp the essence of Falken's new ZE310 Ecorun tyres. It involved assembling a team of experts with a rich background in the automotive industry who could delve deep into the product's features, conduct rigorous testing, and devise strategies that resonate with consumers. This expertise was crucial in affirming the tyres' attributes and crafting marketing strategies that could positively impact consumer perceptions and elevate the Falken brand.

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The Test

To ensure the accuracy of our testing and its relevance to the target audience, every aspect of the tyre evaluation was meticulously planned, with a keen focus on criteria crucial to consumers in tropical climates such as Singapore and Malaysia. Wet performance, a critical factor in purchasing decisions in these regions, was given special attention.
Our test for the Falken ZE310 EcoRun tyres was extensive and thorough. It assessed rolling resistance, braking, and acceleration in wet and dry conditions. A slalom test was also conducted to evaluate the tyres' control and handling capabilities.
To gauge their adaptability, we tested the tyres across various terrains - from concrete cityscapes and smooth highways to challenging rural roads. Pushing the boundaries further, the tyres were driven over rugged dirt tracks and taken off-road, testing their durability and performance under extreme conditions.
Additionally, we measured in-cabin noise levels using advanced sound meters to assess comfort. This comprehensive approach ensured we could give consumers a holistic understanding of the tyres' performance across multiple scenarios, underlining their versatility and reliability.

Engaging consumers through test results 

Equipped with comprehensive test results that showcased the impressive performance of the ZE310 EcoRun tyres, we embarked on a consumer engagement strategy centred around transparency and authentic experience sharing. To deepen this engagement, we took the initiative a step further by distributing sets of tyres to a select group of users from various car groups. This allowed us to gather firsthand insights and authentic testimonials from actual consumers.
This strategic amalgamation of technical test results, real-life experiences, user feedback, and genuine testimonials formed the cornerstone of our campaign. It provided prospective customers with relatable and trustworthy information, crucial in guiding their decision-making process. These elements were meticulously woven into our marketing efforts, creating a persuasive narrative that engaged and convinced consumers of the benefits of switching to Falken's ZE310 EcoRun tyres.

Interviews & feedbacks

"Did the tyres perform up to your expectations?"


FD: Having previously used ZIEX ZE914, I would say ZE310 is a great improved version of Falken EcoRun tyres, especially in the dry and wet grip department. The tyres impressed me! If you are a driver who value comfort, safety and fuel efficiency, this should be the next set for tyres for you.


Scott: Definitely, or we could say it exceed my expectations. Having tried using ZE310 was a refreshing experience. It is a set of well-balanced tyres combining comfort, safety, and some aspects of performance that UHP like Azenis FK510 offers. We took the set of tyres for some harsh testing too and the results exceeded our expectations too!


Omnichannel Campaigns

In our quest to maximise the impact of our launch campaigns, we embraced an omnichannel strategy to engage consumers holistically across multiple touchpoints. This approach was vital in ensuring consistent and effective communication through various channels and platforms. Our meticulously crafted campaigns and advertising strategies achieved significant traction on social media, amassing over 500,000 views and engagements within the first week.
Recognising the importance of informed decision-making, we incentivised early adopters to share their feedback. This initiative was instrumental in building a repository of user experiences, providing prospective customers with valuable insights to facilitate their research.
Our social media teams, equipped with automotive expertise, engaged with consumers on a deeper level, offering professional advice and addressing inquiries with informed precision. Our innovative approach to social commerce further enhanced this proactive engagement. We transcended traditional social media interactions by enabling direct purchases and tyre installation appointments through our platforms, opening up an additional revenue stream and enhancing the customer experience.
This comprehensive omnichannel strategy not only bolstered the brand presence and elevated the brand positioning but also significantly contributed to a seamless and engaging customer journey, from initial awareness to post-purchase satisfaction.


The launch of ZE310 marked a turning point for Falken Tyres, with the brand consecutively ascending to the top seller position in the subsequent 18 months. This remarkable achievement was a testament to the effectiveness of our strategic approach and the product's inherent quality. Following this success, we introduced FK510, Falken's flagship Ultra-High-Performance tyre, supported by an array of meticulously planned branding, marketing, and consumer engagement campaigns.
The impact of these initiatives was significant, with Falken Tyres accounting for over 65% of the total tyre sales conducted online and via social commerce for Stamford Tyres. This impressive statistic underscores the synergy between our targeted digital strategies and the consumers' preferences, culminating in a remarkable sales performance that solidified Falken's position as a market leader.

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