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Crunch Time Triumph: The Strategic Journey to Instant Sell-Out Success

Foodie Drools: Bringing local flavours across the world.

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The Challenge

When Food Drools, an innovative startup, pondered the idea of infusing local Singaporean flavours into potato chips, the question wasn't just about creating the product - it was about making it a hit. Their vision was clear: to transform traditional local tastes into a snack format that could be easily shared and enjoyed around the world. The primary challenge lies in designing a distinctive brand identity and developing communication strategies that would not only engage consumers but also ensure their snacks stand out in a crowded market. With a goal in mind to create a product that would become a must-have souvenir for travellers to Singapore, the task involved meticulous planning and creative execution to make these chips more than just a snack but a taste of Singapore's rich culinary heritage.

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Strategies for Differentiation: Sparking Joy in Every Bite

In our quest to make Drools – F.EAST Chips stand out, we began with an in-depth market analysis, closely examining how competitors branded and presented their products. Recognising the universal joy of sharing an 'F.EAST' with loved ones, we aimed to encapsulate this sense of happiness and light-heartedness within the brand. Our vision was to create a snack experience that not only tantalises taste buds but also evokes fun, smiles, and laughter among those enjoying it. We saw the potential for these chips to be more than a snack; they could be a social icebreaker, encouraging casual and joyful interactions. To achieve this, we envisioned the packaging as more than just a container; it was a canvas, a playful space where quirky characters could come to life, engaging in amusing antics. This approach was designed to bring a unique vibrancy to the product, transforming each packet into a small, delightful world of its own, inviting consumers into an experience filled with fun and flavour.

The Journey of Fun

and Joy begins

As we embarked on the journey to infuse F.EAST chips with fun and joy, our team of imaginative designers and tech-savvy social media specialists engaged in several brainstorming sessions. Initial rounds produced a variety of cute and quirky character designs. However, we realised that, while appealing, they lacked the impactful charm reminiscent of universally loved characters like the MINIONS.


This realisation prompted further exploration and creativity. We dove into more doodling and brainstorming sessions, seeking a character embodying the brand's spirit. Then inspiration struck: our key ingredient, the humble potato. We envisioned transforming this simple potato into the star of our campaign, a chameleon-like character that could adapt to the unique personality of each flavour. This versatile potato character, dressed up to reflect the scenes and essence of each distinct chip variety, promised to bring a unique and relatable touch to the brand, making every packet of Drools – F.EAST Chips a delightful discovery of fun and joy.


Orchestrating a Viral Sensation

As we embarked on the journey to launch Hainanese Chicken Rice (HCR) and Singapore Laksa (SL), the first two flavours, our creative team was buzzing with excitement, meticulously designing characters, social media content, and product packaging. However, a palpable tension within our project management team was paralleling this creative enthusiasm. Being a startup, our client was all-in on this venture – it was a 'go big or go home' scenario. We were acutely aware of the product's potential. Still, success hinged on hitting the right note with our marketing and timing the launch perfectly to engage consumers and make a memorable impact.

During this period, the market witnessed a surge in novelty products like salted egg fish skin and snacks with Mala flavours. While we recognised the potential of our unique offerings, we knew that a blend of astute marketing, consumer insight, high-quality products, and compelling storytelling was crucial for the brand to launch successfully, sustain interest and compete in the saturated market.

Our strategy involved igniting conversations and engagement even before the official launch. We wanted people to talk about our brand in praise or critique. This desire for attention guided our social media strategy, where we tailored content and ads specifically for Facebook and Instagram audiences. The response was swift and enthusiastic, with comments, feedback, and even challenges from audiences comparing our chips to existing Salted Egg and Mala-flavoured products. This buzz was precisely what we aimed for.


The anticipation and curiosity we built pre-launch escalated into a viral phenomenon, eventually catching the attention of major news media. The spotlight was now firmly on us; our followers were growing, and conversations about our brand were sparking everywhere. This strategic pre-launch hype set the stage for a successful market introduction, with all eyes eagerly awaiting what Drools – F.EAST Chips had in store.

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The Triumph of the

Sold-Out Launch

The Pop-up launch event, strategically positioned in the bustling heart of the CBD during lunchtime, was more than just a launch; it was a crucial market test for the brand. As we were setting up, unaware of the anticipation we had built, a queue began forming, a clear sign of the excitement and curiosity we had sparked. Simultaneously, our social media team was adeptly targeting ads to the lunchtime crowd and engaging with people on the ground, offering free samples to amplify the hype.
To our astonishment, the response was overwhelming. As the event officially commenced, we witnessed an extraordinary sight – 50 cartons of our chips sold out in mere minutes. This unprecedented demand continued over the event's three days, necessitating restocks every few hours due to the Pop-up store's limited space. The chips flew off the shelves, with many customers returning for more.