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How can TDI play a part in shaping your business?  

The Design Icon, TDI is a multi-disciplinary creative agency supporting businesses and entrepreneurs with business-creative solutions to help them thrive especially in this uncertain economy post-Covid-19. We use different tools and solutions for different business needs coupled with our extensive resources and networks of partners that our customers can tap on.


More importantly, having experienced the impact of Covid-19 first hand, we understand businesses and entrepreneurs require support to translate their products and services into sales. As such, we are offering end to end marketing communication support at a discounted rate so we can thrive in the uncertain economy together. 


We stand ready to support you with our suite of solutions, resources, and networks. Fill up our enquiry for a 30-min free consultation to explore further how we may support your business. You will also automatically enjoy 10% off your total project fees.

Our Services

Creative . Prints . Digital

Direct and cost-saving solutions just for you.

10% off on total project fees

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