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What are the new norms in the changing economy? 

New trends, enhanced policies, and changing consumer behaviors will influence the way we engage the markets as well as our customers. Having experienced Covid-19, the way we deal with business isn't going to be the same again. Some businesses will thrive while others may be obsolete post-Covid-19. 

From our first-hand experience, people are now more aware of the seriousness of pandemic thus putting more emphasis on health and safety. As such, consumers as well as organizations will tend to spend more on healthcare, healthcare products and even paying more to enhance their insurance policy coverages. In view of this trend, we will see a positive performance in these industries for the foreseeable future. However, on the other hand, due to the slowing of the economy, consumer spending will drop as in areas deem non-essentials such as automotive and luxury products, this will affect the overall performance of physical retailers as well as the banking industry. 

Understanding new trends will help business owners as well as entrepreneurs to evaluate the relativeness of their businesses thus allowing them to make necessary alignments and changes to enable them to continue thriving in the uncertain economy. 


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