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Is going digital the only way forward? 

Digital movement is the trend-forward due to technology advancement. However, it isn't the one size fits all solution to address every business needs. No doubt digital movement has made the world more connected, allowing consumers to get to us in a matter of clicks but let's not forget there are a lot of other success factors to consider so we can integrate different platforms and initiatives to form a holistic business strategy that is unique to our businesses.


Speaking with our friends from the real estate industry, technology no doubt helps them in their portfolio presentation with e-commerce platforms, GPS maps, 360-panoramic views, and multiple webinars conducted by experts on the property's estimated potential to allow buyers to gain insights into their properties. However, according to our research insights, although online platforms give more information and insights to the buyers, the real estate industry is still largely a human business. Human touch and physical visiting the property and showrooms made up more than 85% of the deals. The real estate industry has cleverly fused technology into their presentation to enable buyers to make informed decisions faster. Hence, this applies to other businesses as well.


Businesses must find their unique positions, integrating different sets of initiatives and platforms to form their own unique strategies. We stand ready to support you with our suite of solutions, resources, and networks.


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